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Stainless Steel, Anyone?

While blued firearms are still the standard, more and more rifles are becoming available in stainless steel. In this vein, we're pleased to announce that we'll soon be shipping stainless steel bases for the Ruger 1022. Please get with us for more information.

We've also recently introduced stainless steel versions of our 51H599 series of bases. This 2-piece base fits several rifles, including the Ruger American Rimfire and the Savage 93, Mark II.

As time goes on, we'll be offering more and more bases in stainless steel. If we haven't gotten to your rifle yet, please send us a request. Most such requests will require about 2 months production time before we'll have anything ready to ship.

Stainless steel 1" and 30mm rings are of course available now to complement our stainless steel bases.

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