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Conetrol also offers a large inventory of DapTar bases, designed to fit the special integral mounting mechanisms of various gun manufacturers without drilling or tapping. Our inventory is the most extensive in the world, fitting guns by BRNO (both large and small dovetails), BSA, CZ (both large and small dovetails), Dubiel, Heckler & Koch, Haenel, Herter, Ithacagun, Kimber, Krico, LSA, Parker-Hale, Ruger, Sako, Steyr, Tikka, etc. DapTar bases are also available for Weaver and Picatinny rails, and grooved-receiver rimfires and air rifles of all makes.

DapTar bases for nontapered dovetails may be reversed at the shooter's discretion, as for short-tubed scopes, optimum eye relief, aesthetic considerations, wider-ring-spacing rigidity, etc. For tapered dovetails, the DapTar bases are available in a short-ring-spacing configuration as needed.

DapTar bases are priced as follows. Add rings for a complete mount.

  Huntur* Gunnur Limited Custum
Retail Pricing $69.96 $84.96 $96.96 $99.96
*Huntur bases have been discontinued and are no longer stocked, but can be ordered by special request.

Conetrol is very pleased to say that its famed projectionless rings are offered in more metric sizes than are available from any other mount-maker. Conetrol has rings for 26mm, 26.5mm, and 30mm tubes, with three heights generally available. For more information about ring height, please see the bottom of our Stock Numbers page.

Metric rings, in all Conetrol styles, are priced as follows.

  Huntur Gunnur Limited Custum
Each $52.44 $63.72 $70.86 $74.94
Pair $104.88 $127.44 $141.72 $149.88

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As knowledgeable shooters are aware, builders of America's finest custom rifles often use their own custom-made bases with a characteristic fluted-edge design, specifically for use with Conetrol rings.

These "fluted" bases have come to be widely accepted by discriminating shooters willing and able to pay top prices for guns meeting their uncompromising tastes. Having recognized that this design is not without aesthetic appeal, and even more importantly, allows maximal removal of metal (ergo, weight) unnecessary to function, Conetrol is now offering two-piece fluted bases at production prices.

Not only is their cost lower than such bases heretofore made one at a time on special order, but they are being maintained as a stock item -- in other words, no waiting!

Available for every gun that will take a conventional top mount low over the receiver, the fluted bases accept all Conetrol rings and come in a satin finish as preferred by classic gun makers around the country. Add rings for a complete mount.
  Blued Steel Stainless Steel
Retail Pricing $199.92 $299.88

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Conetrol has been adding to its inventory of two-piece bases made of stainless steel. Bases are now available for many popular firearms, including the Remington 700, the Winchester 70, the Weatherby Mark V, Sakos with dovetailed receivers, and commercial and military Mausers.

Other stainless steel bases will be added in the months and years ahead, as more guns are produced for the market with rust-proof metal components. Check back on the website periodically for updates to this page!

Stainless steel bases and rings are available in a satin finish, either as Huntur or Limited rings) and Gunnur or Limited bases. Fluted stainless steel bases? See above. (Huntur stainless steel bases with a sanding-belt finish have been discontinued and are no longer stocked, but can be ordered by special request for $104.94.)

Stainless steel rings are available in 1" and 30mm sizes. Limited rings have ring-stud screws, Huntur rings do not. Limited bases have contoured (rounded) corners, Gunnur bases have angular corners.

All stainless steel items are left white, of course, to match stainless steel guns. Stainless steel cone screws are standard with stainless steel bases.
Stainless Steel Rings (1" or 30mm)
  Huntur Limited
Each $78.66 $112.44
Pair $157.32 $224.88
Stainless Steel Bases
  Gunnur Limited
1- or 2-Piece $127.44 $149.94 | 830-379-3030