May I use the relaunching of Conetrol to reaffirm what I conveyed to the late George V. Miller on a number of occasions since 1975 when seeking to convey the considerable pleasure his products have afforded this sporting rifle enthusiast since first stumbling across these delightfully engineered rings & mounts in a 1960’s edition of Gun Digest.

Simply put, Conetrol ‘Projectionless’ Rings & Mounts provide the most aesthetically pleasing union of rifle and scope ever conceived. To this day, the statement holds true, as the rifle collections of this and many thousands of similarly minded enthusiasts of the grooved bore attest.

The above assertion fully acknowledges that a one-piece scope ring should, in theory at least, offer the ultimate sleekness, but in reality there is no discernible enhancement over the Conetrol concept, and precisely because the three-part design relies on well executed engineering that may be determined as more than simply a sprung steel clamp, as one can see by carefully studying the assembled components. Therefore this exquisitely engineered solution only adds to the overall aesthetic and provides the bedrock for success of this much welcomed relaunch and any future development of Conetrol.

- K, United Kingdom

I have several sets of Conetrol rings and bases. Every time I point out that the rings have no protruding screws, etc, everyone asks where they can get some like them. Your products are at the top of the list of desirability.

Thank you for showing that you care about your customers. Good customer service is hard to find, so we tend to hang onto those that give it.

- FC, Magnolia TX

I just thought that I would let you know that I have been an admirer of your rings and bases ever since I walked into a Rod & Gun Club in Athens, Greece, back in 1971 when I was in the Air Force and stationed in Europe. Since the club sold SAKO rifles, they had a number of your bases and rings in stock.

Wow, was I impressed with the quality, strength, and beauty. I bought four Custum sets at that time for all SAKOs that I owned. Back then, the relative price was not cheap compared to others. However, the value for the buck was evident and "you get what you pay for."

I have never regretted the investment, as there is no better marriage between steel and scope than Conetrol. This beauty of marriage can only be enhanced with a handsome wood stock.

Since that date, I have purchased six additional Conetrol scope ring sets for Cooper, Browning, and Weatherby rifles. I have installed all by myself using Leupold, Redfield, or Pentax scopes with no issues. After successful scope mounting and sight-in, none of my rifles have ever again required adjustment after many decades of service.

I recently purchased another Custum set of rings with Fluted Bases for a customized pre-WWII Model 70 and they met all of my expectations. Thanks for your exceptionally fine products that I have received over my past 40+ years, and keep doing what you do best

- Cedar Rapids IA

I have used your rings on my guns (and previously, customer guns) for many years. You created a truly superb item for the discriminating gun owner and after nearly 50 years of living with the "gun affliction" I can honestly say that few products I have experienced have had the enduring value and unique character of your rings and bases. Thank you for that.

- JA, Hickory NC

We sure do appreciate you people and your fine quality products. I have known (about your products) for years but only recently had the good fortune to use some and now I want and will recommend nothing else but yours. We thank you.

- PA (dealer), Dallas TX

I have been using your rings and bases for years and have found them to be of the highest quality and appearance available today. Keep up the fine quality of your product and I am sure that yours will be noted as the finest mounts in the world.

- SPA (dealer), Dallas TX

I need another set of your wonderful scope mounts. I currently have 5 sets on my other rifles.

- BB, Edmonton Alberta, CANADA

The mounts perform flawlessly on my 300 Win and 7mm Rem Mags. Over 500 rounds through each without any movement in the scope.

- CB, Mokena IL

Have seen and handled some of your products and I am very, very impressed with the quality and finish. Top class!!!

- CB, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

I presently have a set of your mounts on a Browning A-Bolt Micro Medallion .243 and without equal they are THE FINEST EXAMPLE OF A QUALITY PRODUCT available to a person looking for the best.

- DB, Rockford MI

This is like that potato chip ad: "Betcha you can't eat just one." Betcha can't own just one Conetrol scope mount. Now even my nice [Brand X] rings bother me. So I'm replacing my mounts.

- DB, South Colby WA

I am most certainly a fan of your company's rings and mounts. Have them on three of my rifles already, including a more modern Mannlicher. I have found them to be extremely robust and of the highest quality; sure is the closest thing I've come across to welding the mounts and rings on [a gun]!

- DB, Tarawera Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND

I was particularly impressed with the quality, fit, and finish of the Custum bases -- very well engineered!


I find your scope mounts to be the finest on the market.

- JBB, Stellarton Nova Scotia, CANADA

Got my new Conetrol bases and rings and installed them on a spanking new Winchester Mod.70 Featherweight in 7mm-08 caliber. The rings made an already handsome rifle at least 100% more attractive. (This is for me!)

- JDB (gunsmith), Ashdown AR

I have really enjoyed the mounts I ordered for my Alpha rifle. They are beautifully made.

- KB, Saratoga WY

During the past fifteen I have used Conetrol rings and bases on my rifles. I am pleased to say that in all those years I have experienced nothing but satisfaction with your product.

- LB, Los Banos CA

[This order] will complete my 5th set of Conetrol mounts. Although I still have rifles with other mounts, I'm converting them as I can. You have a superb product! Keep up the good work.

- MB, Green Bay WI

Your products are (in my mind) the best on the market.

- RB, Wasilla AK

Spoke to you today about my recent purchase of a used BAR 2 Safari 338 Mag. As I am a millwright, I truly appreciate the design of the original Conetrol mounts, which match the high luster blue of the gun perfectly, and the smooth design low profile is great-looking. I am going to convert all my rifles over to your mounts and rings.

Wish I had run across these sooner.

- Plant City FL

I would like to order a two-piece Custum base for a Mod. 70 Winchester and a set of Gunnur rings to fit a Leupold 3-9x40 scope. This 70 has been waiting for its new owner to reach 12 so he can go with the big boys this year, and I want to provide the lad with a quality piece of equipment to start out with, made by folks who give a damn.

I plan to swap out all my others to Conetrol mounts and you can expect a second order in a few weeks.

- RB, Odessa TX

Thank you for such a great mounting system.

- RJB, McKinleyville CA

Extra nice products. I have been using your rings and bases for at least 25 years, and my father before that.

- SB, Eden Prairie MN

Yours are the only [mounts] I use on my rifles. So far I've used 6 sets. I've at least 4 more rifles to go.

- TB, Dolan Springs AZ

If anyone has any doubts about the strength of your product, they should know that I have had no problems of any kind with them on my .460 Weatherby Magnum. This rifle is actually used for serious "plinking" and as such it is fired quite a bit.

Since my targets are large things that are selected to "react" to this powerful cartridge, full-power loads are always used. The Conetrol mounts have taken this extreme punishment in stride.

They are a beautiful and rugged product indeed.

- FC, Port Washington NY

Conetrol Scope Mounts

My gunsmith and I had never heard of them 35 years ago. I bought a Model 70 Winchester in .375 H&H Magnum at a gun show, and asked my gunsmith to find me some mounts and a Leupold 2x-7x scope for it. He said the only thing he could find was a Conetrol unit, which was kind of expensive.

We had the hardest time getting them mounted; we had to read the instructions a couple times. But ever since, I've never had to tighten or mess with any of the screws.

This rifle has been on 12 outfitted hunts. It's been in big and little planes, in pickups, and on horses and ATVs, and I've shot over 700 rounds through it. I can honestly say it's the best $40 I ever spent on something I'd never heard of before.

- DC, Heyworth IL (Letter in "SaysYou," American Hunter, 2010)

A friend of mine recently purchased his first rifle, a .270 Weatherby Vanguard complete with [Brand X] scope and rings. A very nice piece of equipment, to be sure. However, when I showed him my rifles, which are all outfitted with those beautiful Conetrol mounts and rings, well, he said, "I gotta have 'em!" Your products are so great they sell themselves! Many thanks.

- EC, Honolulu HI

I have several rifles with your mounts on them and found them to be the best on the market.

Just bought a Henry rifle .22 and would like to put your made-in-USA mounts on an American rifle.

- GC, Inman SC

I have been using your product on my 30-06 for around 15 years and THEY ARE GREAT.

- HCC, Bessemer AL

It's just over 2 weeks till deer season here in Pennsylvania. This will be the first year that I hunt with my new Kimber Super America "Rifle for Life." It wears a Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 mounted in Conetrol Custum rings. From caliber (.260 Rem.) to scope mounts, I have thoroughly researched this rifle & have just what I want. For the scope mount system, I believe that I could not have chosen better -- strength, looks, weight -- Conetrol has it all.

- JC, Hanover PA

Thanks so much for hooking me up with the Conetrol (DapTar) mounts for my U9 Herter hunting rifle. These mounts are beautiful, and are of serious quality, worth every nickel!!!

These will not be the last mounts that I purchase from Conetrol. Thanks again.

- KC, Ruckersville VA

I recommend your fine product to all my friends. I use your bases & rings on almost all of my rifles. Thank you!

- MC, Shoreview MN

First, I wanted to congratulate you on making and selling a classic product.

I just purchased a set of bases and rings for my Browning BLR -- a handy short rifle in .257 Roberts, and for which I purchased a Leupold 2-7x scope. See the pics attached -- looks great, eh? Sleek rifle, sleek scope, sleek mounts.

I also have your mounts on another great rig -- Winchester 70 Featherweight in, again, .257 Roberts, with a Leupold 3-9x scope. Sleek, classic.

- NC, Houston TX

For many years, I told myself I would someday have the rifle of my dreams. Soon, I hope, I'll realize that dream. One of the things required for "my rifle" is the use of your base and rings. Could you please sent me a catalog of the best scope rings available today.

- PC, Cottage Grove OR

Thanks for the ... superb product.

- RC, Pineville LA

These Conetrol rings and bases are the greatest looking outfit on the market. The gun owners and sportsmen owe you a debt of gratitude for such an ingenious and great-looking product.

- SC (dealer)

I have had your rings and bases on [my Browning A-Bolt] for 16yrs, and the scope has never moved, and to be fair, there has been some rough handling over the years.


I've used your rings and bases on nearly all my rifles, because they are simply the best there is.

- AD, Slaton TX

I must tell you that I believe you have the most desirable mounts available. The machining and finish surpass what you would normally find on gun mounts, and they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing.

Your one piece base is particularly desirable and has a feature built in that I was not aware of, and that is the section of steel that butts up against the back of the front part of the receiver that keeps the base from being able to move forward under recoil.

I cannot imagine a stronger base, and I've never seen rings that have the same gripping ability as these vertically split rings.

Every future rifle of mine is going to wear Conetrol mounts and I thank you for a superior product.

- BD, Mt. Airy GA

I am ... writing to congratulate you on, and thank you for, the finest set of rings and bases I have ever seen! I wanted a polished finish to match that of the receiver and scope, and I certainly got my wish. These rings fit together perfectly, and the fit and finish on all parts is absolutely amazing to me! I am extremely pleased, and just wanted to write to say thanks.

- ED, Phoenix AZ

Your mounts are the finest I have ever owned. I installed them the day I got them, went to the range the next day, and admired them ever since. My rifle now has a perfect look. Thank you for making a fine product.

- RD, Scranton PA

As always, Conetrol is the Best and worth the extra!

- SD, Fairfield Glade TN

I ... appreciate the opportunity to still buy Conetrol mounts/rings, which I have done starting about 20 years ago. I don't buy many rifles, but every one, since discovering Conetrol, has been outfitted with your mounts/rings.

- ACE, Van Alstyne TX

I have had your rings and mount on a .300 Weatherby magnum rifle since 1989. They add beauty to the rifle and are praised by everyone that sees them. They are also rock solid, as I hunted in Alaska for four years with no problem what so ever. Thanks for a great product!

- BE

I've used your product for many years with complete success.

My daughter uses the system on her Hunter .22 Anschutz 1422 and [was high woman] in the 1991 NRA silhouette shoot at Whittington.

Thank you for adding the touch of 'quality' with class.

- GWE, Fort McMurray AB CANADA

I have been delighted with two ... sets of your bases and rings and they never fail to draw favorable comments. In fact, [two friends] both followed my lead, as I suspect have many others. I'm sure you realize that there is no better promotion than a delighted customer.

- MDE, Fairfax Station VA

For years, I have been using your brilliant and excellent quality scope mounts. Your mounts are the finest on the market.

- BF, Monroeton PA

I got your stainless bases and rings. They look great and function flawlessly. I have never seen mounts & rings this good anywhere, bar none. My compliments to you.

- BF

Your scope mounts and rings are the greatest I've ever used. I've had them on two rifles, traveled extensively to western states, and shot hundreds of rounds without even a single move.

- DF, Franklin PA

Thank you for a product that fits perfectly and looks good and is the best in the field.

- FF, Hammond IN

I use your rings & bases on all my guns as I think they are the best.

- RF, Mountlake Terrace WA

Since 1976, I have used your rings & bases with complete success & satisfaction. Thanks again for an outstanding product!

- RBF, Smithfield PA

All of our clients have been very satisfied with your products. I recommend the use of your system on every rifle we sell. Please keep up the good work.

- SWF (dealer), Concord NC

I have just finished thumbing through your brochure and the photos reflect one easily corrected component, and for the life of me, I can't figure why you would not have pictured your "world class rifle" with truly the world class mount?

Now, I know you must know of them: Conetrol, out of Seguin, Texas. I've used them for years without incident and there is no finer scope mount on the market in design, aesthetically or functionally. ... The mounts are perfectly machined, perfectly finished, and present such an uncluttered streamline look. A world class finish.

No sir, I am not a company rep, nor do I hold stock [in Conetrol]. I simply fancy fine firearms. Yours are such and they deserve Conetrol mounts.

- WF, Wilsall MT (Letter to a Classic Gun-Making Firm)

Just a note to say "Thanks" for an outstanding product. I watched my Steyr S/T .375 H&H take a tremendous pounding in the gun racks of a Land Cruiser on my recent hunt to Zimbabwe's Matetsi area. I was sure there was no way it could hold its zero -- but it did! My hunting partner's Steyr was also Conetrol equipped. Performance like Conetrol's shouldn't go unrewarded.

- WLF, Urbana OH

I do not believe that there could be any better mounting system than yours! Several years ago (about 8, I think), I installed your mounts on my Model 70 with a Leupold 2x7 scope and haven't had to touch a thing since. I have nothing but the highest praise for these mounts. ... I would not even consider using any other mounts.

- ZF, Holly Hill SC

I first just wanted to say I love your mounts; been an absolute beaut on my T-Bolt and I'm happy to recommend them to any who'll listen!

- CG, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

About thirty years ago, I bought a set of your rings, then things got tight and I had to sell the rifle. Now I'm starting to build another rifle and yours are the only rings and mounts I will use.

- DG, Wells MN

I have been a client of yours since getting out of high school in the early eighty's. After reading about your product in a gun magazine, I purchased a base and rings. After many years of hard use, I am happy to say my scope has never lost zero. And many drops and spills later, I attribute it to the Conetrol products.

I have had many friends over the years who use a lesser product, and who are not as tough on their equipment as I, who cannot make that claim.

- GFG, Garner NC

What is unbelievable is even after I took the rings out of the mounts and slid them up a bit [on the scope tube] from the [power change ring], [my K-14] rifle was still absolutely right on when I took it to the range. Great mounts and rings.

- JG

I currently have 16 various rifles with Conetrol scope mounts. In fact, I don't recall a rifle without yours.

- JG, Las Vegas NV

The rings and bases are always consistent and of outstanding quality.

- MG (dealer), Raleigh NC

By the way, they are the finest mounts I have ever seen!!!

- PG, Townsend DE

I bought a Conetrol Custum mount for my Dumolin 300 Win. Mag 12 years ago. I am still using it with great satisfaction. I never need to zero my rifle again, even after (much) abuse in Asian mountains and even boar hunting in heavy bush. Incredible work.

- AMG, Istanbul, TURKEY

I have several rifles fitted with your mounts ... and they are absolutely first class in all respects.

- ARH, South Island, NEW ZEALAND

In 1973 I was just out of the Army and going to school. I was short on cash seven days a week. Still, I knew the axiom: you get what you pay for.

I had noticed Conetrol rings and bases on Weatherby rifles, so I assumed they could take a kick. I had a well-known Seattle gunsmith (Jim Coward) install them on my Husqvarna action. ... The rifle was in Rem. 7mm mag. The gun still shoots 3/4". More importantly, the same 3/4" for almost forty years.

Thanks for the very best fastener known to rifle shooting.

- MH, Clarkston WA

Over 20 years ago, I bought a new Colt Sauer rifle in 30-06. It was by far the finest rifle I had ever bought up to that time. Still is.

I wanted something different, and since I loved the rifle so much, I wanted something that would look nice. So I bought my first set of Conetrol rings and bases for it. ... What I didn't know when i bought them was how well they worked. ... I've loved the look of my rifle ever since I bought them. Some people say they are a little on the pricey side, but they are a quality above most rings and bases.

I've never taken the scope off and have fired some good stiff loads through it. I zeroed it in for my favorite load, and I have to tell ya: the scope is still as zeroed as when I started. They're beautiful, work great, and I think were worth every penny I paid for them.

I would recommend (Conetrol) mounts to anyone."

- EH

I have been seeing your ads since I was a kid (I am almost 56 now). A few years ago, I ordered a custom rifle from Matt at Hill Country Rifle in New Braunfels, TX, It is a wildcat caliber, a .308 necked down to a .257 cal.

To make a long story short, I ordered a Zeiss 4.5-14 scope and specified Conetrol rings and bases. The barrel, action, bases and rings are finished in black teflon. The entire setup is beautiful to look at: sleek and very custom-looking.

Performance-wise, I couldn't be happier. The mount is rock-solid, allowing me to shoot single-hole groups at 200 yards. Thanks for making a fabulous product.

- GH

I have used your mounts and think they are excellent. ... They compliment the appearance of any fine rifle, they are extremely sturdy, and when in the field or on the range, they do draw notice from the 'cookie-cutter' crowd.

- GRH, Corona CA

I think that you have the best in the business. ... I am again impressed with your product, though I'm not sure why I don't EXPECT this quality regularly. You would think that over the years I would finally get the idea that I should always expect you to provide me with the absolute best equipment that is available. Thanks again for wonderful products!

- JH (dealer), Scotts Valley CA

First, let me complement you on a wonderful product. The first & only set of your rings that I have used was a set of Custum rings holding a Redfield 2x7 on a Mod. 70 .375 H&H. Beautiful, and I never once had a problem with them and many hundreds of rounds through the rifle!

- JHH, Avon IL

I have had Conetrol mounts on a Custom 7mm Rem. Mag built by the late Jay Moore (McAllen TX) since 1976. They have performed flawlessly and without a doubt are the finest looking system available. ... My compliments on the fine product you have delivered for many years.

- RH, Magnolia TX

I think you make the best rings and bases that I have ever seen.

- RGH, Edina MN

I have several sets of Custum bases and rings I bought many, many years ago, and they are still the best out there.

- SH, Goliad TX

I have several rifles that have your bases and rings on them and I am a firm believer in your product. I like the look of rings that don't have all the extra bumps and things sticking off them. Plus when anyone that is half interested in rifles and knows quality stuff when they see it, I always get comments on your stuff on how good they look and where can they get them.

- SH, Taylor WI

The rings and bases I received for my Tikka Model M-65 to mount my Weatherby 3-9x44 Supreme are the best. They are a lot more stable than the [Brand X] mounts I had on the rifle since I bought it in Germany in 1987. You make a top quality product that looks and works better than anything else I have used or tried, to date. Keep up the good work.

- SH, Watertown WI

Last year I bought a set of rings & base for my A-Bolt Stainless Stalker. They are the best I've ever used. I'm thinking about pulling my [Brand X] mounts off my Weatherby and replacing them with Conetrol's. Can you send me some new info. for ordering. Thanks.

- TH, Hibbing MN

I've used your products in the past and there are NO finer at ANY price. Thank God somebody still cares about their products.

- FJI, King City CA

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality of your product. ... The bases and rings you provided for my Kimber Caprivi look as if they naturally sprang from the receiver. Outstanding!

- RJ, Northglenn CO

I have always searched for the best when building a gun. Currently three guns of mine stock your mounts and rings. Two rifles and one shotgun (for deer hunting). Each is used year after year without worry of loss of adjustment. Thanks for the best!

- RJ, Franksville WI

On Saturday, I installed your bases and rings (Gunnur base with Huntur rings on a Herter U-9) and must tell you that they are an engineering marvel. I have no idea how you came up with the design for the split rings, but they are a design masterpiece! ... The bases and rings are rock solid! I shot 5 1-inch groups at 100 yards, and 5 groups at 200 yards that averaged 2 1/4 inches.

- TJ, Grand Rapids MI 49546

1st Letter

Just a note to let you know that I have at least six sets of your mounts installed on my most serious big-game rifles. They are the ONLY scope mounts that I have used that can lock a scope on a heavy recoiling hunting rifle to eliminate movement under heavy recoil. Conetrol are the only scope mounts on my rifle during pack trips in the mountains for elk.

2nd Letter

I have a Rem. .308 caliber Varmint Special that I use for silhouette shooting, and am having a problem keeping the scope from moving forward under extended firing conditions. The scope is a Bausch & Lomb 6-24x40 and it is mounted in [Brand X] rings and ... base.

After the scope pounded its way forward in the rear ring to the radius on the scope just ahead of the power select ring, the entire ring started to pound its way forward in the windage screws! I have many sets of your rings and bases on much heavier hunting rifles and I believe they are the best in the WORLD! I can truthfully say that I have never had a scope move under recoil when installed in your mounts.

- JK, St. Joseph MI

I have your fine Conetrol bases and rings on my Weatherbys and Kleinguenthers, and they are the only bases and rings I would consider for any of my rifles.

- RK

Before I get to the business part of this letter, I have to take a few lines to praise your product. I have used several types of mounts and rings in the past, but the Conetrol set I purchased last month are the best I have used.

I will admit that mounting the scope in the rings is different, but once I got the hang of it, I found it's a snap. They mount lower than any other rings, and the craftsmanship is superb. The finish matches my matte finished scope and adds what I think is the touch which makes the rifle/scope combo look like a million bucks. Nice job!

- WK, Plainfield IL

Six years ago, I ordered and installed a (Custum) set of DapTar (mounts) on my Sako .223 Varmint, and have never been more satisfied with a product. Your mounts work great and are beautiful too. Thanks for making such a high quality product.

- BL, Flemington NJ

I must say that the mounts and rings I used on two M70 Winchesters gave and still give perfect satisfaction. One was a 375 H&H used here in Alaska as well as Africa, and the other a 458 Win Mag used in Africa.

- CL, Petersburg AK

Totally satisfied with everything purchased over the past 30 or so years.

- CL, Victoria TX

I am writing just to let you know I am extremely pleased with the 30mm rings and mounts for my BSA rifle. They look right, feel right, and shoot right. I will mention your products to anyone who wants my opinion.

- DL, Winnipeg Manitoba, CANADA

I am very satisfied with my ... Conetrol mounts, since 15 years for the first one. Thanks from a French customer.


Just recently I purchased from you a set of Gunnur bases and rings for a round top Sako. I am so pleased with them that I just had to go one step up to the Custum. They are the best-looking rings and bases I have ever seen or used.

- RL, Loveland CO

My "old" Conetrol bases and rings are still in prime shape. Even after many years of sheep and goat hunting. I may have "re-zeroed" this rifle once, due to a fall. Other than that, my Conetrol mounts have given me ZERO problems

- RWL, Redcliff Alberta, CANADA

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your very prompt attention to my order for rings and bases for my Kimber Model 89 rifle. I had a problem mounting my 2.5-8 Leupold ... on this rifle using the Kimber rings which came with the rifle. They would not accommodate the short length of the scope tube. By reversing your bases as you suggested, the scope is now mounted perfectly.

I was going over old correspondence and noticed we have been doing business since 1976, and this last order was the eleventh [set of] rings and bases over that period. Needless to say, every order met with very complete satisfaction. You are the best.

- TL, Wappingers Falls NY

The Conetrol mounts that I bought 20 years ago have never been off the rifle and the scope has never lost its zero. That's the kind of quality I like. I have some [Brand X and Brand Y] mounts, but don't like them as [much] as yours.

- BM, Ft. Morgan CO

Your products are the Very Best. I have 7 sets.

- CFM, Corsica PA

Now for a small amount of bragging on your products. I use only Conetrol or [Brand X] on my rifles, depending on availability at the time. ... I recently built a .243 cal. varmint rifle ... with [Brand X] mounts. ... Groups ran 3/4" at 100 yards -- no better, period. Replaced [Brand X] mounts with Conetrol 2-pc. -- no other change. Now groups are 1/2" at 100 yards. All groups are 10-shot strings. Thanks again for your super products.

- DDM, Irving TX

I bought a Remington 700 classic in 6mm Rem 25 years ago, from a crazy old man who was gun-nuts, when I was 19 years old. I remember how all his guns had Conetrol mounts and rings. I never forgot how the bluing shined on the polished rings. Most people at work think I'm nuts, spending almost $200.00 on rings and mounts when you can get a set made in China, made by 9 year old children, for $35 at [Brand X Discount Store]. They just don't understand the appreciation for a well-made, quality American product, I guess. Anyway, thank you for your service and your fine products.

- JM, Mt. Olive IL

These rings are in my opinion easily the best on the market.

- JM, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

The rings and mounts are the best [I've] ever seen. They really set my 25-06 Enfield off. I've gone out and shot the rifle twice now and it groups perfect.

- RAM, LaPine OR

I purchased your mounts around 6 years ago and I love them! They are beautiful and they work!

- SM, San Diego CA

On [my wife's 45-year-old SAKO VIXEN in .222 Rem], the Conetrol mounts really made the difference and enhanced the inherited slenderness of the Vixen! It really looks like the mounts are a part of the original design of the VIXEN action!


I put a set of your fine Custum rings and 2-piece bases on my .340 Weatherby back in 1980. After three years of hunting, rifle hasn't lost zero. Many thanks for fine products and service.

- TM, Covington GA

You people make the best, and best looking, mounts in the world!

- WM, New Market VA

I am based in South Africa and have 3 Conetrol Custum bases and rings in service, my only product choice, thanks to a custom gun article by Bob Milek, which I read in Guns & Ammo in the mid-eighties!

- Ed Noffke, PA and SOUTH AFRICA

There are not too many manufacturers that pay such fine attention to detail as Conetrol does. Thanks for such a fine product.

- JN, Ukiah CA

I have been using your mounts for several years now, on both my own and my customers' rifles, and could not be more satisfied with them. I never cease to be impressed by the superb quality of your machine work -- the joins in the rings are so well made that they look like one piece of metal. It is nice to find a true craftsman still working today. I am afraid that in this country they are few and far between.

- TN (dealer), Warterlooville Hampshire, ENGLAND

About 9 months ago, I bought a set of "Custum" bases and rings for a Tikka LSA-55 action. These [I've] found to be excellent bases, and I cannot emphasize too much just how pleased I am with them.


I have had your [mounts] on my first Weatherby some 20 years now and am still pleased. Thanks.

- JO, Heron MT

Firstly, thank you again for continuing to produce such a high-quality product in a time when so much else is becoming garbage! It is appreciated.


I have been using Conetrol rings and bases for twenty years and have never had a problem. They are on all my custom rifles.

- CP, Maclay Towers, AUSTRALIA

I just received and installed my Custum mounts and rings for my Savage 99. I am absolutely delighted with the result. I never before realized how "clunky" my prior mounts were. The previous mounts were by [Brand X] and consisted of a bridge base and rings. Although [Brand X] makes a quality steel mount system, after comparing it side-by-side to the Conetrol product, I have to conclude that yours is the much superior product.

You also offer two piece bases for the Savage 99, something that [Brand X] does not, and I was very glad that you did. In cold weather, the restricted access provided by one piece bridge mounts makes for slow and tricky loading and unloading of the Model 99. With my Conetrol two piece bases, I finally have the unimpeded action access that had eluded me in the past. Loading and unloading operations are now MUCH easier! Many thanks for continuing to offer two piece bases, even for a discontinued (but wonderful) model like the Savage 99. I personally like the appearance of one piece bridge mounts, but when it comes to safety and convenience, the two piece base design on the 99 makes great sense.

For sheer elegance and solid steel dependability, the Conetrol system has no equal.

- LCP, Morrisville PA

I have a rifle with your scope mounts on that hasn't needed any adjustment for approximately 15 years -- and I am well pleased, needless to say.

- ARR, Greeley CO

We encourage our customers to use this mount both for its beauty and durability. I personally have it on five of my best rifles.

- BLR, Wallace ID

I have just purchased a Weatherby Vanguard 30'06 rifle for fall deer hunting in the Texas hill country, so I'm very anxious to get the finest mounts for my new 2-7x42mm scope for this fine rifle. For your information, I have used your mounts on my other rifles for nearly 20 years, so I would use no others.

- JR, Yorba Linda CA

I have used your mounts on Contender pistols (and 541-S Remington and Ruger pistols). I have found your mounts to work well [and are] by far are the best-looking mounts that I know of. Thank you for a high quality product.

- JWR, Martin TN

I have used Conetrol mounts exclusively for over 30 years -- the best there is!

- JR, Montrose CO

I have just purchased two brand new Weatherby rifles, and would be very interested in the best scope mounts money can buy.

- PR, Boise ID

Best mount on the market.

- PR, Escanada MI

I am writing you in regard to your products. They are well made, and are the strongest I have ever seen. A customer asked me to sight in his gun for him at 150 yards. ... I could put a bullet in a half dollar at that range every time.

- RGR (dealer), Buffalo NY

I have your rings and mounts on my 7mm Weatherby mag, and they have performed flawlessly for 25 years, with lots of miles on a horse and rugged mountain hunting. Never has lost it's zero.

- SR, Green River WY

The mounting system is "Beautiful." The best I've ever seen!

- CLS, Seagoville TX

I have several of your mounts ... and they are, without a doubt, the most beautiful and best mounts available.

- DS, Azusa CA

First, I would like to compliment you and all persons concerned for the splendid job of thinking up and making such a mount for the Ruger #1 Single Shot with rib. The way the attaching of the [DapTar two-piece] bases is achieved is truly unique and excellent! I could not have been more surprised and favorably impressed. The customer for whom I bought them was amazed, too!

- EVS, Memphis TN

[The mounts] look like they grew on the [Kimber] rifle.

You get a hand-made product, made in the USA, that is very simply, the best. When you put a couple of thousand bucks in a rifle and scope and spend a lot more than that on a hunting trip, why would you use just any mounts? The slight extra cost is insignificant when you see the results.

Thank you for not compromising your quality and integrity. I wish other companies would take a lesson from you on how to run a business.

- JS, Hartsville SC

I would like you to know that through the years I have used many brands of rings and bases, but today all my bases and rings on my rifles are Conetrol. I own fifteen sets of Custum rings and bases.

- JPS, Florissant MO

I got ... your beautiful scope mount for my FN .22 auto! ... I just want to congratulate you for this great technical, and best-looking mount.

By the way, first I thought to get it mounted by my gunsmith, but out of curiosity and following your user's manual, within the time of a good beer, sitting in my comfortable chair in my living room, I mounted it myself and it sits just perfect.

Just thought I had to tell you how enthusiastic I am about it.


I would not ever consider using any other hardware to mount my scopes; your products are exceptional!

- KS, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

I have been using one of your mounts, Custum base and Custum rings, on my main hunting rifle (Remington Classic 700 in 300 Weatherby) and have found it to be excellent. I really like the sleek lines, good looks, and brutal strength. I have never had a problem with any shifting, sliding, loosening, or any other common problems with lesser mounts.

After numerous hunting trips to places from Ungava Bay, Quebec, to Deer Lakes, Newfoundland, to Virginia, those mounts never shifted. It is always a good feeling to know that when you reach your destination your rifle will still hit to the same point as you sighted it in at.

- MS, Lewisberry PA

These are the best scope mounts I have ever seen or used. I have mounted a lot of scopes with [Brand X and Brand Y] and others, and I think yours are at least twice as good as any others I have used. Thanks.

- RS, Clinton SC

For years I have used only your mounts on my personal weapons.

I had a set of your mounts on my Ruger 77, 7mm Magnum, this past season in Montana that took being bounced off a horse, rolled down a rock trail, and never lost their setting. Two days later a nice elk was taken at 400+ yards, right on target.

Thanks for making such a beautiful, rugged mount.

- RJS, Gretna LA

I have had your system on my Sako 22-250 for around 18, maybe 20 years in West Australia, in two piece and never a problem! Looks neat and awesome to boot!


I must write to tell you how pleased our customer is with the Conetrol rings and bases he used to mount our Jena riflescopes to his firearms. We assisted him in the mounting procedure and I was absolutely astounded to note the very high quality of the intricate workmanship your mounting system displayed.

While the 3-piece rings and two stud screws at first appeared like they would present a formidable task to assemble, it was actually very easy and presented no problem at all. Thank you for a very fine product, one which we will begin to recommend to or customers.

- SRS, Edwardsville IL

Thanks for ... a great-looking and solid, well-engineered product.

- BT, Moriah Center NY

Out of all the scope mounts on the market, I find Conetrol's to be the most well-designed and good-looking for a gun, to make it beautiful.

- RT, Nekoosa WI

While looking for scope mounts, I came across CONETROL and bought them for my [Win Model 70 Super grade in 300 Win mag]. They are simply the best mount I have ever had.

- SIT, Belfair WA

By far the best mounts I have ever used. "Par Excellent."

- BAV, Inglewood, WA

The [mounts] I got off you years ago are still working great. ... The way [they] held up for me all these years -- they surely are the best!

- RV, Noxen PA

I am using your scope mounts on two of my rifles and [am] extremely happy with both.


You have the best product and service in the industry. When I pull my Model 70 Super Grades and Mark Vs out of my trunk at a range or camp, they all have Custum rings and bases ... every man there knows that a person using Conetrol is a real insider ... old school quality that will outlive us all.

I have around 25+ sets of Custum rings and bases, plus a couple Gunnurs (bases) for matte-finished working guns. Irks me to own a rifle without Conetrol mounts.

- BW, Mishawaka IN

I now have two rifles with your projectionless split rings. I think they are the best mounts made.

- DW, Broadwiew Heights OH

I thought you’d like to hear that I recently returned to my home in Australia from a 6-day hunt in New Zealand for tahr and chamois. The rifle I chose for this hunt was a Winchester pre-64 Model 70 Featherweight in .270 Win., fitted with Conetrol Custum two-piece mounts and a Leupold 4-12X40 scope.

Your mounts performed brilliantly in some very adverse alpine conditions. The strength, yet light weight, of your Custum mounts held the scope firmly on zero, while sustaining several knocks brought about by walking (and stumbling) in heavy snow.

My guide commented on your Custum model scope mounts, which I have on pretty well all my rifles. Well done and keep up the good work.

- PW, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

After using other rings and bases, I could not get my BAR .338 Win.Mag. to group. A friend let me use his Conetrol Rings and Bases on my rifle. What a difference they made, and I'm hooked on them now. Thank you for such a great product. I will be using them from now on, on all my rifles.


Today, my friend asked me to find him “rings and mounts -- the best there is” for his new model 70 SuperGrade. Of course, the first and only thing that came to mind was Conetrol.

- JY, Houlton ME

Thank you for making such a great product. I was really impressed with the quality, the precision, and the material you use.

- JZ, Westminster CO | 830-379-3030