Please review the information below to be sure you get the Conetrol mount that's right for you.
Conetrol's founder, George Miller, had over 50 years' experience in the mount business. He pretty much knew what every gun/scope combination required. Since he's no longer with us, we'll have to work a little harder to help you get what you need. With your assistance, we'll help you determine the proper base configuration and ring height for your setup. Start by placing your rifle and scope side-by-side on a suitable surface.
   Base Configuration
With Conetrol mounts, the rear ring typically sits just behind the shell-ejection port, and the front ring typically sits maybe an inch or so in front of the ejection port (generally between the two front screw holes for screw-attached bases). If the scope tube is too short to allow this, or if one of the rings would have to be over the ejection port (even partially), your setup would require a Conetrol extension base or short-ring-spacing base.
   Ring Height
Conetrol mounts are extremely low, so you'll need to be sure you have enough vertical clearance to mount your scope on your rifle. For scopes with 1" tubes, the bottom of the 1" tube would sit 9/32", 11/32", or 13/32" above the highest part of the action with Low, Medium, or High rings, respectively. For even more height, our Extra-High rings would up this distance to 23/32". Scopes with 30mm tubes would sit 8.5mm, 10.5mm, or 12.5mm above the highest part of the action. Extra-High rings would up this to 18.5mm. (For 26 or 26.5mm scope tubes, see the discussion at the end of the Stock Numbers list.)

Move your scope as close as it will go to your rifle's receiver, in mounting position. Determine the distance from the highest part of the action to the bottom of the scope tube where the rings will attach. The shank of a drill bit can serve as a handy gauge, but be sure to keep the scope tube in line with the bore-line of your barrel. The diameter of the drill bit that puts the scope as high as it needs to be, allowing for any necessary bolt clearance, is the minimum vertical clearance you will need. The height of the base (usually 7/32", 5.6mm) plus the height of the rings (1/16", 1/8", 3/16", or 1/2" for 1" rings, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, or 13mm for 30mm rings) must be greater than this distance.

Sometimes variable-power, short-tubed scopes are so short that the scope's power-change ring would have to sit over the rear Conetrol base. If the power-change ring is too large, it might contact the Conetrol base, requiring higher Conetrol rings than what would be necessary just to keep the objective from hitting the barrel. (Although less common, it is also possible for a short-tubed scope with a very large front bell to contact the top of Conetrol's front extension or short-ring-spacing base, also requiring higher rings.)

These various potential contact points are shown here. Conetrol ring and base heights are graphically depicted here. Conetrol bases are typically 7/32" thick (5.6mm) over the highest part of the action.

For our customers who have the time, or still aren't quite sure which ring height works best, you might want to order the base first (without rings) so you can try it out with your rifle and scope to determine what ring height you'll need. For 1” scopes, Low rings would place the bottom of the 1” scope tube 1/16” above the top of the base (1/8” for Medium rings, 3/16” for High rings, 1/2” for Extra-High rings). For 30mm scopes, Low rings would place the bottom of the 30mm scope tube 3mm above the top of the base (5mm for Medium rings, 7mm for High rings, 13mm for Extra-High rings). Then, once you’ve determined the proper ring height for your setup, order your rings.
   Preorder Checklist
In summary:

1. Determine if you need a ring-extending or short-ring-spacing base. Your scope's mounting tube (where the rings attach) should be about 2" or more longer than the shell-ejection port for a standard base to work. You may still want a ring-extending or short-ring-spacing base, though, if you'd like to mount your scope further back.

2. Determine the minimum ring height needed. Our mounts are very low, but you can always use higher rings for more vertical clearance. Be aware that some mounts, identified by asterisks on the Stock Numbers page, require 1" rings of different heights. Shimming may be required to use 30mm rings with these mounts.

3. Go to the Stock Numbers page and find the stock numbers for your base and rings. Enter those numbers into one of the Order Forms below. The last two characters of each stock number indicate grade (Huntur, Gunnur, Limited, or Custum) and number of pieces. (Huntur bases are discontinued and no longer stocked, but may be ordered by special request.) To order one of our special fluted bases, substitute F2 at the end of the normal stock number. For stainless steel, add -SS after the stock number. Not all items are available in stainless steel.

4. If you still need help, contact us for assistance. This takes a little more time, but may be necessary to help you get what you need. To order, please use one of the following links:
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3. Decide where to put the file, then click save.
4. Locate the file on your computer and open it.
5a. Fill it out, resave it, and then email it to, -or-
5b. Fill it out, print it, and mail with your check to Conetrol, 10225 State Highway 123 South, Seguin TX 78155. | 830-379-3030